On-Time Delivery System

How to ensure numerous delivery destination could be delivery on time?

Hi-Speed ​​effectively utilizes Information technology systems to monitor fleet operations. We keep track the driving route and the fulfillment of delivery notes online. Therefore, we could effectively deploy the fleet to provide support and ensure that the goods are delivered on time.

Point to Point Real Time Tracking

Hi-Speed Team arrange the delivery route according to the cargo flow and order destination daily. The captain would deliver and count the inventory at each drop off point with customer's representatives. The 2D barcode could be used to report the delivery time which would provide concrete data for further analysis helping improve our service quality.

Report Data by QR Code

After the inventory have been delivered, our captain could report the delivery time and location through the QR Code scanning. The time stamp summary would be submitted to the customer in month end.

(QR barcode example in the right hand side)

Result Demo