Company Development

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Hi-Speed Supply Chain Centre

Hi-Speed Supply Chain Centre Officially started operation on July 21, 2019 They are located at 1. 24-30 Shek Kin Street, Shek Lei, Kwai Chung, N.T. (Tower one) and 2. 53-55 

Into Light Vehicle Market: 130 additional ISUZU Trucks

Since the reopening of Hi-Speed, we are focusing on consumer product local distribution business, which mainly is developing medium-sized car fleets. So far, Hi-Speed has more than 300 medium-sized vehicles,

New Account Go Online in 2019 providing services to Gov Dept.

After several months of preparations, Hi-Speed’s first government department contract account was officially put into service on April 1, 2019. This department is the first new account launched by Hi-Speed

1st EURO6 | ISUZU First Launch in HK

The first one EURO 6 of Hi-Speed X ISUZU first EURO6 launch in Hong Kong The 1st ISUZU Euro 6 ⚙️ is launched 👍 This is the 1st one in

The 1st Hi-Speed「Level Up」Training Camp 2018

The 1st Hi-Speed「Level Up」Training Camp 2018 had been finished smoothly Thank you every participant who share your experience, and actively express your personal opinions. The event was held in the

Awarded by the Environmental Protection Department

Hi-Speed supports environmental protection and is obligated to provide a large number of diesel vehicles data to the Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department for data analysis and technical lectures. In

Interview by Triangle Motors Ltd.

Please let us proudly share a remarkable achievement to all of you=]! 執著·堅持 成就一個奮鬥故事  手足同心 載夢想飛馳 Hi-Speed was interviewed by Triangle Motors Limited! (Click below image to enlarge) Hi-Speed has

Hi-Speed Annual Diner 2018 (7th Anniversary)

Hi-Speed Annual Diner 2018 (7th Anniversary) Ladies and Gentlemen, Thanks for coming our 7th Anniversary dinner. In the past year, every colleague has strive their best to contributed and worked

6th Anniversary Annual Sharing Session

Hi-Speed will organize Anniversary Annual Sharing Session in the year-end. Departments will discuss the future company future project and development direction.

Hi-Speed won the Prize:「The Best Partner (中車王)」Honor

Hi-Speed has become the top buyer since Nov of 2011. (purchased over 200 middle size ISUZU trucks). Therefore we get the prize 「合眾汽車─最優秀合作夥伴(中車王)」from Triangle Motors Limited. (Issue Date:23rd Nov, 2017)