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Hi-Speed - Mr. Wave NG's Perspective

 (was recorded on 18th Dec,2016)

Hi-Speed ​​Supply Chain Limited was founded by Mr. Wave NG in May 2011, determined to develop the global logistics service business. Since renting a 5.5 ton truck in the startup stage, Hi-Speed has now provide manpower and goods distribution services that covers the home, office, retail shop, hotel, multinational office building, restaurant, major chain store and central warehouse in Hong Kong.

Hi-Speed as one of the key player in Hong Kong Logistics industry, we fulfill massive delivery jobs everyday, working hard twenty-four hours a day in the supply chain behind. In order to support the normal operation of the supply chain in Hong Kong and bring the best quality of life to all Hong Kong people, our team dispatch every goods and items to more than 22,000 destination everyday. We are definitely striving our best to provide quality service over the years.

As is company scale: over 1,400 employees; No. of self-own vehicles: 510; Warehousing services are located over the territory with a total storage capacity of 2,235,000 square feet, fully integrated warehousing and distribution services, to complete every logistics task with excellent team and high-quality equipment.

Key Milestones

Hi-Speed has been involved in the supply chain industry since 1994, we develop a trustworthy logistics team to our customer. However, due to the global economic downturn and investment failure, it dissolved in 2005. We rebuild our enterprise in the 18th of May,2011 with the same company name 「海迅 Hi-Speed」. The core members spent 6 years to lay down the healthy foundation of the organization.

>More Hi-Speed News after year 2017<

Re-opening18th May,2011 Re-opening
18th May,2011
「一起辛苦過」Period2011-2013 「一起辛苦過」Period
The 1st Truck19th Dec,2011 The 1st Truck
19th Dec,2011
New Services – HRMJuly, 2012 New Services – HRM
July, 2012
Business ExpansionNov, 2013 Business Expansion
Nov, 2013
Team BuildingJan, 2014 Team Building
Jan, 2014
M&A.ExpandingOct, 2014 M&A.Expanding
Oct, 2014
Great Production18th Dec, 2016 Great Production
18th Dec, 2016

18th May,2011

Before Hi-Speed has its own fleet,Mr. Wave NG and Mr. 陳容帶 rented a 5.5 ton truck in 27th June,2011. Getting started home & office delivery service.
Mr.陳容帶 is the 1st one who participate the brand-new Hi-Speed Team.


It is a difficult period in early stage, our team always work over 19 hours everyday. However, every team members support each other day by day, support the future growth of Hi-Speed, at the same time lay down the concrete development foundation of our company.

The 1st Truck
19th Dec,2011

In 19th Dec,2011, the 1st Hi-Speed truck was born. The company logo was sprayed on the truck body in Feb,2012. Until Nov,2017, Hi-Speed fleet owns 229 trucks already.

New Services – HRM
July, 2012

In July 2012, we started to provide labor secondment services to our clients; and organized regular recruitment activities annually. In the first quarter of 2015, we successfully recruited over one hundred staffs in a single recruitment day.

Business Expansion
Nov, 2013

From our contract with the famous supermarket chains in November 2013, Hi-Speed’s businesses are keep diversifying towards different logistics aspects. Since our establishment, our service has now covered hotels, restaurants, restaurants, retail chain stores and centralized warehouses.

Team Building
Jan, 2014

Hi-Speed team is expanding gradually since 2011, the number of team members already over 800.

Oct, 2014

In order to strengthen daily operations, Hi-Speed started to M&A processes from Oct 2014 to Jan 2016. Through the M&A activities, Hi-Speed integrated resources and established its own repairing & maintenance centre.

Great Production
18th Dec, 2016

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Hi-Speed ensure the proper operation of Hong Kong's Supply Chain

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